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Not Our Future
Amber Peebles

Amber Peebles - MTV

Smoking status: Non-smoker

Amber Peebles put her hometown of Karaka on the map when she was crowned Miss New Zealand and went on to compete at Miss World 2004. Fast forward and she’s now a broadcasting diva extraordinaire at MTV NZ, seen out and about with Jay Reeve representing at major local and international music events. Amber knows exactly what she’s missing as a non-smoker – who wants yellow nails, wrinkles, and hair that smells like old smoke?


Some of the other things that we could do to reduce smoking in New Zealand is to increase the taxes, get rid of tobacco or we could ban displays etc. Do you have any thoughts on those efforts?
Yeah, I mean they’ve been doing all that for a while now. I actually think it should be illegal to smoke with a child in the car full stop because trapping someone in the car with you while you are filling it with toxins should be illegal.

So being smokefree, what has that meant to you?
I think smoking definitely hurts the skin, hair, nails department and that’s a big thing in this industry you know? You’ve got to look the part. Smoking tarnishes you. It takes you away from your work cause you are outside smoking, you smell, your nails go all kind of yellowy and skanky, your hair, I mean it’s poison, it can’t be good for you, you know?

The romance is totally gone?
Yeah the romance of smoking cigarettes has completely been stripped away. It just ain’t hot anymore. It’s stinky and you have to go stand outside at your club and you can’t hang out with your friends and you’re kind of poor and it makes your skin look ugly after time and what else does it do? There’s nothing good that comes from it. There is nothing. I don’t get it.

Is smoking as common around the traps these days as it used to be?
I don’t think so. I think the sex appeal has been taken out of it. A lot of girls now don’t want to go near a guy with an ashy mouth, you know club pashing that kind of thing. It’s just dumbass. It’s stupid so it’s not very attractive any more.